Monday, June 19, 2017

Best small kitchen remodeling ideas in 2017


In a Manhattan apartment, the existing kitchen cabinets were painted Benjamin Moore Air in Black. "I needed it to seem less boring and more like a smart butler's pantry," designer Lilly Bunn says. The Roman shade is in Holland & Sherry's Belfour linen.

Custom kitchen cabinetry


Chris Barrett found the tall 1860s Czech table, with beautifully turned legs at J.F. Chen. It works flawlessly in a space that was "too small to get a dining table and too huge to get nothing," Barrett says, serving as both breakfast island and buffet for dining on the patio outside the French doors.


The cabinets were painted Benjamin Moore's White Dove by Celerie Kemble to fake a sunny farmhouse kitchen in a Manhattan apartment. The white-tiled walls, along with a milk-glass plus brass hardware chandelier, create the illusion of sun that is additional.

Fashionable Storage

This hardworking small kitchen features two space-smart pull out pantry units and concealed stepladder storage for upper cupboards. The room heat is given by the usage of butternut wood, copper, hickory, and antiqued bronze, while a vibrant blue beadboard backsplash delivers a shot of colour.


In a 295-square foot Brooklyn studio apartment designed by Nick Olsen, the kitchen corner, done in green and white to blend in, gets a helping with a painted plaid backsplash along with grosgrain ribbon trim.


In Bill Brockschmidt's 640-square-foot apartment, the kitchen can be found in the entry hall and camouflaged in the living area. "Creating folding doors enabled us to transform the entry into a mini-gallery when we amuse," Brockschmidt says. "We also can close off the dining room from the kitchen with pocket doors, so that once guests have arrived, we could open up the kitchen for cooking."

Space-Saving Sensation

The owners of the bungalow that was American wanted to make their small kitchen more exotic. Dark cupboards with brown-and-black tiger striping makes to get a slick, contemporary look, while the light solid-surface backsplash creates a a contrast that is bold. The design makes the most of very little countertop space with a wenge butcher block that slides over the sink. A dining table on casters allows an eight-seater to slide under the island when not in use.

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